Monday, September 20, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Jake and Jack
Are TWO!

I hope you love this party as much as my
two little monkeys did!

When thinking of the perfect theme 
for Jake and Jack, I knew it had to be 
Monkey and at the Zoo!

I incorporated the two for the perfect party
for my monkey birthday boys!

Welcome to the OKC, Children's Zoo
Grandma's Porch Pavilion...
(a grand place!)

We added colorful lanterns to dress up the pavilion!

We added custom pillows to the benches and rocking chairs
and placed monkey rugs at the feet!

Custom pillow appliques from Ashley Alexander Custom Boutique on Etsy!
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The Kid's Table

Custom monkey party cup idea from Martha Stewart Online.
Custom party hat template idea from First Palette Online.
Each place setting included a cup, hat and crayons for coloring right on the table!
Guests found a juice box in each cup and a package
of Zoo Animal Crackers and Zoo Animal Fruit Snacks under each hat!

The Centerpiece
A Barrel of Monkeys was placed in the center of the kid's table!
The miniature monkeys were purchased from Target and each guest went home
with one at the end of the party!

On either side of the Barrel of Monkeys was a platter of bananas!

Monkey See Table
Candy Station included: Lime Green Apple Bubble Gum, Red Cherry Sours, Yellow Banana Runts
and Teal Fruit Punch Laffy Taffy; which was also base for the Laffy Taffy Pinwheels!
Custom cupcake wrapper idea from Skip to My Lou.
Custom cupcake toppers designed by Twice Blessed Photography.

Banana Nut Cheerios for the Toddlers!

Banana Split Dip N' Dots were the perfect combination to the cake & cupcakes!

The Cake!
This banana, chocolate, swirl cake with banana creme filling was oh-so-yummy!
Two custom monkeys sat on top in a pile of fondant bananas!
Custom Monkeys for Jake and Jack were purchased at Gergeex on Etsy!

Monkey Do Table

Custom cups were made with ribbon and a Barrel of Monkeys!

Birthday Jack!
Custom birthday shirt from Ashley Alexander Custom Boutique on Etsy!
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Birthday Jake!
Custom birthday shirt from Ashley Alexander Custom Boutique on Etsy!
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The boys loved their cupcakes and dip n' dots!

Face Painting!
We hired April Brock, with Creative Key Face Painter to face paint for the little ones!
The images are beee-u-tee-ful!

Okay, this Mama Monkey had to have her face painted too!

All - In - All,
Friends conversed,

....the toddlers destroyed,
(one of my favorites)

...and the cake hit the spot!

A Successful Birthday!

We just had the BEST day celebrating our boys' 2nd Birthday!
We feel so blessed to have them in our lives and are so
happy to share this special day with you!


**A special thanks to my friend, Kristi, at Twice Blessed Photography,
for taking most of these amazing photos and for helping me design
all the tags and labels and the cutest invitations ever! Thank U!**


  1. Love it! What a great theme! I especially like their t-shirts ~ thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer you and Kristi make a great design team. You inspired me for my son's 6 birthday...I thought if you can do this for 2 year old twins wow! Great photos Kristi...loved everything and so glad I could be apart!

  3. What a great party! It's so festive and fun! I'm founder of and would love to feature this party in our Party of the Day on our homepage. Please email me at if you are interested. Again, love what you did. Best, Jillian

  4. What an absolutely PRECIOUS birthday! You did an amazing job! I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me where you purchased the barrel at for the barrel of monkeys? That is an absolute fantastic idea!

  5. Thank you! I purchased the barrel at Lowe's! It is a planter that I found in their outside garden section. I never had any luck finding a reasonable priced or correct size one online! Thanks again for the sweet comment!

  6. I love everything about your party. I especially love the multi colored polka dot paper used for both the invitations and the "monkey see monkey do" table banners. I know you stated that Twice Blessed Photography did your invites. Did you or they use paper for these? If you used paper for the banner/invites, where did you find the paper for these (what brand)?

  7. Hi Karen, Thank you so much! My friend at Twice Blessed used a digital scrapbook paper set to make the banner/invites. She designed them using this e-scrapbook paper kit and clip art and printed the banner at kinkos and invitations through one of her printers. Feel free to contact her! :)

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Could you tell me where you found the yellow and red polka dot table runners? I have been searching for cute table runners for my little boys birthday this summer. It looks a little like wrapping paper but I was not certain. If it is, how did you get it to lay down so well?

    The party was adorable:)


  9. Blakely,
    The table is layered with a white table cloth, a yellow vinyl table cloth from Garden Ridge (the throw away kind) and red & white polka dot wrapping paper! Hope that helps! Thanks for the kind words! :)

  10. Hi Jennifer!

    I have a lady who wants to know what the ceramic banana bunch is that your little guy is holding in one of the pictures. :] Is it a bank? Do you happen to remember where you got it?


  11. Hi Kara!

    It is a little bank. I got it from the dollar bins at Target last summer. I am not sure if they would have them at the stores or not this summer? :(

  12. Do you know where the monkey graphic is from that is on the cupcake toppers? I am trying to find it and have had no luck

  13. Hey Abby! My photographer did the graphics. She said she used Sweete Shop! Does that help??

  14. you are very talented!! thank you for all of the inspiration. i was wondering if the mini monkeys you purchased at target were from the $ bins as well, or were they from the toy section? thank you

    1. Hi there! They were purchased from the dollar bins. (Which is a bummer - because they don't keep the same things in stock through the years!) Try your local Dollar Tree. They always have a bin of plush animals.

      I also found some colorful ones here:

  15. thank you so much!!! i seen that your post was from 2010, so i figured that chances were pretty slim if the monkeys were in the $ bins, i appreciate you thinking of other places i could find some inexpensive plush :) you have a wonderful blog!!