Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Company Picnic....

I have seen company picnics from afar; like at the zoo or fair, 
but I never thought I would actually attend one. 
Well, today, I did. 

We all applied our name tags and were off for a day of food and fun!

First stop, we hit the toddler zone!
Jake loved putting the balls in the basket!
(he'll be my basketball star)

And Jack loved the elephant and sliding down the air slide!

Second up, Turtles! 
Jack has yet to learn, gentle! Even a turtle can be bothered by a pounce! And look at Jake, he is in defense mode! Ready to run for it at a moments notice! Such different little boys!

Poor turtle, getting the wrath of Jack!

Third up, Sssnakes!

Fourth up, Cotton Candy! mmm..

Can you just smell the sugar?

I am a sucker for cotton candy!

Jack is in happy land!

Jake loving his Ice-sickle!

Mommy not dare take a bite!

AND...We're out!!

What a great day!
Who knew company picnics were so fun!

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