Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sex & The City 2 Girls Night Out!

Two years ago, when the first Sex & The City movie came out, I was super pregnant with the twins and was unable to travel to be with the girls for movie night!  So this year, I made sure to be with the girls for the premier of Sex & The City 2! It was a wonderful/fun/thrilling experience to watch this movie in good company (and share a martini or two!!)

Here are the details and my review!

I found these free downloadable cupcake toppers online! 
The girls gathered for a pre-movie pool party at our friend
Steph's house! The cupcakes were the perfect treat to set the mood
for the evening!

A few of the girls primped before we headed out to 
(A movie theatre where you can dine, drink and watch a movie!)
Perfect location for an event like this!


We were all ready for the big showing of Sex & City II

I think we thought we looked like this:

As the movie played, we all sat giddily together in the comfort 
of good friendship. Some of us sipped martini's, others wine and a 
few of us beer! We laughed, cried and cheered together.

My favorite scenes were the ones about motherhood. 
I loved the scene of Charlotte closing herself in the pantry. I can relate
as I lived through colic, acid reflux and Jack crying all day
everyday when he wanted to sit up but did not have the
strength. (December-April..most all day!)
There were MANY days that I went into another room
and just took a breather. I screamed, cried...all of it!

I also loved the scene where Miranda and Charlotte decided
to stay in their hotel suite and drink while Carrie went off on her 
date with Aiden (one of my favorite characters..I love hearing him on the
Applebees commercial too, do you?). 
I loved how they bonded over cocktails about the real trials and tribulations
of motherhood. I loved this scene because I have been blessed to have found
 a mommies group that allows me to talk freely and openly about 
the hardships and joys of parenting. 
I think it is a must for EVERY mom! 

To me, the movie had all the perfect settings for a perfect
girls movie.  It had great entertainment value, great acting,
fabulous set design, amazing costumes, great locations, nice eye candy, 
wonderful dialogue between lovers and friends and most of all, 
it ended happily ever after!

I loved this movie but mostly because I was surrounded by a group of 
women who I consider to be some of my closest friends. 
I felt a happy comfort in sitting amongst them and sharing 
in this experience. I am so grateful to be blessed with
amazing girlfriends and a beautiful family!

Not to ignore...

A special thanks to my sweet boys who let me go out and enjoy this evening!

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