Saturday, October 17, 2009

OU/TX Game Day Yum..

Today I tested out two of the Halloween recipes I have been "blogging" about! They were a huge success at the OU/TX watch party we attended. Although our beloved Sooners lost today, I feel like today was still a good (no, GREAT) day! Something electric was in the air! It was a beautiful fall day, sunny and cool, the type of weather you wish upon OU/TX weekend! The boys woke us up at 6am this morning. I was a little fuzzy from the night before (we made our best out of ghost town Bricktown, OKC) but my husband was nice enough to take the boys until **almost** 8. (He likes to come in about 5-10 minutes before the time he announces it to be!! I think he assumes that since it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to peel my eyes open and look at the clock, the time will have reached or exceeded the time he said it was in the first place and he will get an extra 5-10 minutes of help!! But today I caught him! By the time I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom to brush my teeth, which was a good 10 minutes, my phone said it was only 8:01 am. He was very adimate that I had gotten to sleep in until 8, when really it was only like 7:50! I know it only sounds like 10 minutes, but when you have had +1 too many glasses of wine the night before, 10 minutes is everything. I digress..)

Anyways, it was a great day, despite the Sooner loss.


Caramel Popcorn
This recipe came from my friend Kari. I followed the directions ver badum and it turned out... YUM! I put 1/2 of the popcorn in a large clear container and garnished with crimson and football ribbon and added sticker letters to spell out "Boomer" and "BEAT TEXAS"! This is a perfect hostess gift for any game day watch party you attend. (You could add "Gig Em" for those Aggie Games, or "Go Pokes" for those OSU games, etc!!) I put the other 1/2 in a football shaped bowl to serve to the guests in attendance! All in all, I definately recommend making this recipe for game days! It was a huge success with very little effort!! One quick note, I do urge tossing the popcorn about 3 times in the 30 minutes of bake time. The popcorn was not chewy and tasted just right and I believe breaking it up during the bake time helped!

For the full recipe click here.

Candy Corn Rice Crispy Treats

This was another big hit! This recipe is so easy, our babysitter and her friend made them while Johnny and I were out on the town Friday night! For game day, I arranged them on a football field platter and added red and orange MMs to represent the two teams playing today, OU and Texas! Again, this can be replicated for any two teams playing! Simply sort the MMs when you buy them, use the orange and brown ones for your rice crispy treats, along with the candy corn, and then sort the remainder for your 2 teams playing! If the team colors are not blue, green, yellow, orange or red, try and custom order your team colors! I have also seen individual color packages sold at WalMart and Michaels! I bought the platters from Stein Mart a few years back but I think I have seen them on store shelves since then! Google is always a great place to find what you want. (Online ordering is soo wonderful!)

This was a great game day treat and I hope you make them too!

For the full recipe click here.

Okay, off to watch the OSU/Mizzou game and spend time with the hubby! Let me know if you make these too, ENJOY!


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