Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jameson's Sock Monkey First Birthday Party!

Jameson Daniel Laws
Born on February 16, 2011 at 7:32am
He was 7 pounds and 20 inches long

When we brought him home he was dressed in his
sock monkey embroidered onesie, brown pants, a hand knit hat and socks.

Jameson's sock monkey coming home outift

He was a sweet baby and the youngest of 3...all under 3!

Our first family photo as a party of 5!

Today, one year later, we are so excited to share with you his first birthday celebration!
(And,  yes,  this crazy party planner mama had the "theme" planned from the beginning!)

I decided to incorporate his sock monkey outfit with a "celebration" honoring him, along with a champagne toast and a musical guest!

Jameson was an unexpected blessing. 
After having the twins we were not sure we could handle one more. 
(I mean, how could our home even be sanitary enough for a baby!) 
But, after he came in to this world, we knew GOD had better plans for our family! 
Jameson has brought so much HOPE, LOVE and JOY to our lives! 
We could not have made it through such a rough year without his unending smile!
This celebration was the perfect way to honor him, 
celebrate his life and praise God for His wonderfully perfect blessing!
Without further ado, check out Jameson's First Birthday Celebration!

** ** **

Vendor Credits:
 Photography: Jennifer Klotz Photography
Jameson's coming home hat/socks & party shirt: Gray Stitch Studio, Etsy
Invitations: mygatsby.com
Party Printables: chickabug, Etsy
Sock Monkey #1 Cake Topper: Waxela Sananda, Etsy
Jameson's Polka Dot Custom Party Hat and Bib: Dainty Couture, Etsy
Jameson's Brown/Red Party Hat: Gingham Bunny, Etsy
Cake and Cupcakes: Cakes by Tina, OKC
Musical Guest: Jeff Wood, OKC
Catering: Chic Fila
Party Idea: Kara's Party Ideas

** ** **


Jameson's Birthday Outfit was from Macy's.
The #1 and J' s were cut from a sock monkey sock purchased 
from Hobby Lobby and then hand sewn to existing shirts 
by Gray Stitch Studio on Etsy.

** ** **


Jocelyn Wedding Invitation from mygatsby.com

** ** **

This four foot sock monkey
was "a find," just $20 at Walgreens!!

Sock Monkey Shaggy Rag Wreath

** ** **


Sock Monkey Sweets Table

All Party Printables from chickabug, Etsy;
6ft x 4ft brown paper from Mardel
 & Red & white polka dot paper from Mistle Toe Market, OKC;
O-N-E letters from Hobby Lobby & Spray Painted Gray

Cake and Cupcakes by Tina Stepp
Sock Monkey Cake Topper by Waxela Sananda, Etsy

I loved creating this Sock Monkey sitting in a pile of Tootsie Rolls!!
He was purchased from Hobby Lobby and mirrored the Monkey from the front porch!
Cinnamon M&Ms from Target, Christmas Selection
Newborn Photograph of Jameson 
by 3 Blessings Photography
I displayed Jameson's coming home outfit using a
memory/shadow box from Michael's!

** ** **


 I also loved this sock monkey sitting in a pile of Banana's! :)
I asked guests to forego bringing gifts and instead bring a birthday wish or drawing on 8.5" x 11" paper.I found this perfect Sock Monkey scrapbook at Hobby Lobby and filled it with guests pages!

 The birthday wish book turned out so wonderful! xoxo
Loved these shoes!

** ** **


Of course we served Jameson and Coke!

I also made a memory box of Jameson's outfit he wore in the hospital
the day his big brothers, Jack & Jake, came to visit him.

I displayed Jameson's newborn owl portrait with the actual hat he wore.
(Sleepy Owl Hat by Gray Stitch Studio on Etsy - Portrait by Three Blessings Photography.)

** ** **


Let's Toast The Birthday Boy!
** ** **
I read that a champagne toast is appropriate for milestone birthdays.
What bigger milestone then the BIG #1!

(NOTE: The center throw was made by taking two square pieces of cotton fabric (same fabric selections from the Shaggy Rag Wreath on the front door), cutting 2.5 inch slits around all edges and tying those strands together! This was a cute way to incorporate the Sock Monkey - Shaggy Rag Wreath theme throughout!!)

Cheers to Jameson!

** ** **

** ** **


I wanted to find a way to display all of Jameson's Firsts, like his first bath, smile, steps
and all of his holidays, so I used our hutch and propped and labeled them using
folded cards from chickabug!

** ** **


 In the bay windows behind the champagne toast, I made a 12 pennant
banner for each monthly photo we took of Jameson with his daddy!

Jameson's Polka Dot Custom Party Hat and Bib by Dainty Couture on Etsy!

I actually won this set through a giveaway on Kara's Party Ideas! 
Wow, did I get lucky -- it was so perfect! Thank you!!

** ** **


Jeff Wood was gracious enough to play his guitar at Jameson's party!
My older boys admired his music and Jameson smiled and danced the night away!
It was truly magical!

** ** **


Jeff Wood led party guests in singing "Happy birthday" and then played 
Somewhere over the Rainbow
for him during his birthday cake. 
It was one of those mega-memory moments
Heart - Heart!

Big Brother Jake helping out!

** ** **


** ** **


A big thanks to my party pal Ashley for helping me set up for this 
wonderful celebration!

Granny Franny and Gran getting love from the birthday boy!

I was so happy to be celebrating such a wonderful little boy!
Thank you GOD for him!

** ** **

Mama and Daddy


  1. Wow, what a wonderful party! You had every tiny detail planned to perfection :-)

    1. Thank you! It was so fun to plan and everyone had a wonderful evening!! So happy to have a reason to celebrate BIG!

  2. What a party!!!! and what a blessed lil guy to have such a creative mommy!!!! Another over the top Jen Laws production, I love it!!!!

    1. Thanks Alicia!! Can not wait to help plan baby Brock's party!!! You will have so much fun...

  3. What a special party! You always have such nice touches. I love the photo display of firsts. Actually, I love most of the party, but I can steal that for sure!

    1. *Thank you Brandi!! Can not wait to see what you do for Miss Alexandra!!

    2. I'm planning right now...and think I'm going to copy most of these ideas.:)

  4. I found your page while looking for ideas for my own little boy's first birthday party. He was born exactly one month after Jameson on March 16th, 2011 and we are also doing a Sock Monkey theme. I thought that was a cute coincidence until I saw on the hutch of firsts that Jameson and my Parker had the exact same Halloween costume! Thanks for the great ideas for Parker's first birthday party!

    1. Meghan - that is soo neat! Please let me know if you need any more info! And please post a link to pictures or your blog of Parker's party!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Just came across your wonderful party. Would you mind me asking where you purchased those tiny red wagons? They look adorable. I am hosting a monkey party in a few months and have already started preparing.

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Florence,
      They came from "A Bloom" in Tahlequah, OK. The number is 918.453.9555. Talk to Josh and tell him "Brandi Barnett" referred you regarding the red wagons. (She is the one who purchased them as a gift for my older boys about a year ago!) I hope you can get them for your party too!! Enjoy...

  6. LOVE all the details in this party. I can feel the love that went into preparing all the beautiful details. A few questions. Did you make those chocolate covered pretzel sticks? If so, can you please post the recipe/decorating guide? If not, where did you buy them? I, too, was going to ask about the tiny red wagons. I'm going to call "A Bloom." LOVE the shadow boxes. You've inspired me to create some for my kids. Oh, how did you make the dessert table backdrop? What's behind the brown paper and does it extend to the floor or is it propped on the table?

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed every minute of it!! Okay, Pretzel Sticks are Chocolate Dipped Pretzels by Archer Farms from Target!! Glad you can get the wagons too! The backdrop is particle board from Lowe's cut to 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall. ($8!!)
      The paper is from Mardel. It is the paper teachers use for their school boards. The height is also 4 foot and it is the perfect size to cover and tape on back. I propped the wrapped board up on my buffet table that was draped in a white table cloth. (Rented from Marianne's Rental in OKC using dimensions of my buffet!)

      That makes me so HAPPY that I have inspired you, thank you for your sweet, kind words! They meant SOO much!

    2. Thanks for the responses, Jennifer. I can't wait to look for the pretzels at Target! That's easier than I ever imagined!!! :) I'm planning on using some for my son's 1st birthday dessert table. Dessert table backdrops intimidate me, but I may give this a try. My table is round, so I need it longer to rest on the floor behind the table. I live in TX, but there are two Mardels near by. I will call "A Bloom" this week. Thanks again for the responses!

  7. Jennifer,

    I saw your sock monkey party on Chickabug yesterday and recognized John. This is the cutest, and most elaborate 1st bday party I have ever seen. You are one talented mama! HOW FUN! You all have a beautiful family! Please tell John everyone from Hunt says hello!

    Diane T.

  8. Hi Diane!! Wow, so neat you stumbled upon my blog!! We are having the best time in OK and loving every minute with out 3 boys!!! They are all smarties like their daddy!!! John sends his best to the firm!!

  9. Hi Jennifer!! Great party! I can tell a lot of love was put into it. I was wondering where you got that white sock monkey scrap book paper? Thanks. Ashley

  10. Jennifer--I went to Target to look for the chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. I wonder if I'm overlooking them? Do you remember what aisle/section you found yours? Thanks!

  11. This is seriously the cutest party I have seen!! You thought of everything! I love it! I featured it on my blog. :)

    1. Aw - Thank you SO much!! Your words mean so much! I don't know how I missed this comment! Heading over to check it out now!!

  12. Hey Jennifer! Where did you get your cupcake stand? It's simply but so cute!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The cupcake stand was purchased at: http://www.cupcake-stand.com/2-tier-cupcake-stand?pop=0

  13. Hi jennifer, love love the sock monkeys getting ready to do my grandsons 1st birthday in sock monkeys where did you purchase invitation in the wagon that says welcome jameson's 1st birthday. love them

    Thank you Tudy

    1. Tudy, I just saw this comment! My apologies for not responding sooner. If you are still planning, all signs came from www.chickabug.com