Friday, December 10, 2010

A Boomer Sooner First Birthday!

I'm Sooner Born
I'm Sooner Bred
and when I die I'm Sooner dead
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahomaaaaa....

These two OU alums were sure to throw their first son the perfect

 It was so cute and perfectly planned that I just had to share with you!

Without further ado,
please meet the cutest OU BIRTHDAY BOY there ever was!
Sooner Born, Stanton

Stanton welcomed all of his party guests into his
private OU game day birthday bash on astroturf!

Party guests walked through a tunnel of red & white balloons into
Stanton's OU game day private party!
The floor was covered in balloons, confetti and blow up footballs!

OU football was everywhere!
An oversized football player and goal post were placed in the room
along with a football toss and large OU flag!

There was even a Junior Sooner Schooner for the little ones!

Party tables were decorated with centerpieces made up of red
and white boxes topped with a plant and die cuts of Stanton in
OU gear and a red party hat! Each chair had a custom red
or white chair topper with a number 1 sewn on the back!

A make your own pennant station for the little ones!
Go Team Go!

"We've go spirit
yes we do,
we've go spirit
how about you?"
A choose your face tattoo station was set up
for all the party guests to wear!

I loved the extra big pencil for sign in!

"Grab a bag, take some treats, enjoy the sugar because life is sweet"
Indeed, life IS sweet and this sweet station is sure to make your sweet tooth
squeal in delight! 

Oh where, oh where do I begin?
Red & White Game Day Goodies Galore!

A 12 month picture banner of Stanton hung above the sweets table!

Raisins, Sweet Creme Candies, Twizzlers and white chocolate covered pretzels!

White cotton candy, red & white swirly pops, red tootsie
pops and an assortment of game day clappers & whistles!

S is for Stanton, Sugar Cookies and Sweets!
Football shakers, red & white twisties with picture die cuts and sweets galore!

Stanton had his very own extra large cupcake!
His cupcake sat on top of a two tier red w/ white polka dot display
and was surrounded by cupcakes, cake pops and a tooth brush bouquet!
A great idea!
These party guests will be needing a good brush after this party!

The cupcakes were wrapped in red custom
cupcake wrappers and topped off with "Stanton"

Happy Birthday dear Stanton...
Happy Birthday to YOU!

"Have your cake or take it too....."
If cupcakes and sweets galore were not enough,
party guests could take some cake home too!
Red velvet cake in a jar complete with a red spoon to eat it with!
So clever.. and MMM!

While eating all these sweets,
party guests were serenaded with live music!

The Grandpas wore monogrammed referee outfits!

And the grandmas wore red & white football mums!
(I loved this..)

What a sweet family!

All in all, this party was a WIN!
I think Bob Stoops and his team would be proud!
And, hey, if there were championships for parties,
this one would win the NATIONAL TITLE for sure!


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