Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sneak Peak: Prince Braxton's 1st Birthday Party!

Okay, I just had to post a sneak peak of the first birthday party that my friend threw for her son, Braxton! It is dear to my heart because it was the first party I officially worked on from start to finish!! Starting with a consultation, then creating a design board which led to shopping, cutting, pasting, baking and today, setting up! My friend was so sweet to let me help plan such a special event! 
I had the best time working with her to create an AMAZING party for her PRINCE!! I will post the official Party Blog with ALL the party details and "professional" photos in a few weeks!! 
(My friend just happens to be an AMAZING photographer!! 
Twice Blessed Photography -- Check her out!) 

I did not have the correct lens on my camera so I couldn't take wide angle shots. And I only got a few snapshots! Looking forward to seeing all the pics soon and sharing with you!

Okay, here is your "sneak" peak:
The theme was prince and chocolate!!!! 
The colors were browns and blues... 

Happy Birthday Prince Braxton!
It was a great day! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

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Oh, and I just had to share this too, where it all began:

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  1. Such a small world. I found you via Jamie ( my Sister-in-law) and Kristi is actually the photographer for our kids. Very ocol!