Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Mermaid 4th Birthday!

Little Mermaid Movie Night
in honor of 
Angelina turning 4!!
(Ariel invitations from Fine

My dear friend planned an amazing 
Little Mermaid 4th Birthday Party 
for her sweet daughter, Angelina!

It was so cute, I had to share the details with you...

How it all came to be..

Angelina's party request to her mommy:

"The Little Mermaid Movie with 
Pajamas and Sleeping bags!"

 Cute, hugh?!!

Well, the thought of having a dozen 4 and under little girls 
spending the night practically gave my friend hives! 
Sooo, she decided to honor her daughter's requests 
but end the party at 8pm not 8am!

The Party Details..


Angelina wore a 
custom personalized Little Mermaid Ariel Shirt 
from Etsy paired with pink under the sea pajama bottoms!

Angelina also requested that her guests wear PJ's as well!

Display Table

This display table was so colorful and cute
 (complete with Sebastian, Flounder and Ariel)
 and was sure to please everyone's sweet tooth!

The table was covered in a purple tablecloth and sprinkled with 
Little Mermaid themed confetti, sea shells, napkins, plates and party bags!

Kara filled jars with colorful MMs and placed brightly colored 
candy lollipops and custom toppers from Etsy inside!
She also made sea shell & birthday cake chocolates & chocolate lollipops 
and displayed cookies & cupcakes with colorful sprinkles on top!

Kara hung an Ariel Birthday banner and 
draped ribbon and seashells from the chandelier to complete the room!

Angelina also received a Little Mermaid Birthday cake!

The display table was the perfect location for Angelina's
guests to gather and sing, "Happy Birthday"!

One can only wander what a 4 year old wishes for!!

Movie Viewing Room

Angelina's birthday was centered around the movie, The Little Mermaid.
At her request, she wanted everyone to watch the movie in their PJ's 
and on their sleeping bags!


Kara made that wish come true!!

The girls gathered in the "movie viewing room" where 
Kara decorated with an old fashion popcorn machine,
 under the sea wall hangings,
Little Mermaid beach balls from The Toy Hunt,
Ariel die cuts, ribbons & streamers from her local party store!

The movie played throughout the party while the girls
ate popcorn, played with beach balls and received mani/pedi's!

Manicure/Pedicure Please..

Angelina and her party guests were pampered throughout
the party with mani's and pedi's! 

A must for every girl at any age!

Kara simply had a few babysitters & older girls from the 
neighborhood come help out! 
The girls took turns getting pampered!

Party Pics
The Party Girls!!

Angelina and Kara opening gifts in the movie room..

Angelina & her baby sister, Mia, enjoying the beach balls 
that filled the movie room!

The girls enjoying fresh popcorn while watching the movie!

** ** ** **

All in all,
Angelina is one lucky little 4 year old! 
Her mommy threw an amazing
party for her! 
I loved how Kara listened to what Angelina wanted
and made that happen! Great job Kara!!

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Angelina!

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