Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ella & Maggie's Sweet Shoppe 1st Birthday!

most adorable girls 
had the 
most adorable first birthday party!

My dear friend threw the 'sweetest' first birthday party for her twin daughters, 
Ella & Maggie. 
I thought it was too sweet not to share... 

Ella & Maggie's 
1st Birthday Party Details...

The Invitation

These darling lollipop invitations were custom made for 
Ella & Maggie at TomKat Studio on Etsy

Welcome to the 
"Schmidt Sweet Shoppe" 

Guests received a little preview of the cuteness that awaited 
them inside with the custom door hang and lollipop garden decor!

The Birthday Girl's Attire

Ella & Maggie were styled by their 'department store buyer mommy'!
They wore monogrammed birthday tops & tutus from
 This Little Piggy LLC

The Girl's Cake Stations

Tutu wrapped high chairs & monogrammed 1st Birthday hats!

The Yummy Cakes

The sweetness just oozes out of these cakes! 
I can practically smell the sugar from here!

The Decor

Custom made signs & tags 
and lanterns & balloons filled the birthday den!

The Dessert Station

This dessert table was sure to please everyone at the party!
Vickie made sure to have 1-yr old approved treats such as puffs & 
goldfish for the birthday girls and their friends. 
The older "kids" could snack on liquorish sticks, jelly beans, 
M&Ms, Hershey Kisses & Lollipops, of course!!
Photo confetti of the girls' first year was 'sprinkled' on top!

The Give-Aways

Each guest went home with an oversized piece of "candy"! 
These candies were made with colorful beach balls wrapped in cellophane! 
So cute!

Party Pics

Ella & Maggie hanging with their friends!

The birthday girl's gifts! 
Great for summertime!

Daddy & Mommy SURVIVED!!

Congrats Adam & Vickie for surviving your first year with TWINS!!
Ella & Maggie are just precious & you threw them an amazing party!

Remind them of this party when they turn 16!!!!

Lots of love...


  1. Oh too cute twinnies!!! Looks yummy!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with everyone! The girls loved their party!

  3. I love what she did with the high chairs. So cute! But the take-aways were so clever I immediately started trying to plan a party around them. I want to do that!

  4. Would you be able to ask your friend where she got her lollipops from that were on the table? LOVE THEM but can't find them that small around where I live!

  5. The lollipops came from Oriental Trading!! Have fun!

  6. I love the tutus. Do they have a store online? My daughter is turning one and I would love to get one.

    1. Hi Glenda, I am not sure why that link is not working anymore? Maybe they are at a different store front? I found these tutu's. They might be the same.

      Check Etsy too!! Sorry about that! Have fun planning!!