Friday, November 6, 2009

Lifesaver Pacifiers

Today a friend asked me if I had any cute ideas for party favors for a baby shower coming up this Sunday.

This is what I told her:

- Fill a small, clear, plastic favor bag (or small, clear take-out box)
with pink or blue jelly beans 1/2 way
- Tie bag closed with a pink/or blue polka dot ribbon
(for box, tie to handle)
- Thread one side of the ribbon through lifesaver pacifier (see directions below)
- Tie a bow around lifesaver pacifier allowing it to dangle in middle of bow

**At the baby shower, have these candy dishes lying around!**

Such a fun,cute and creative idea!
Your guests will sure to take notice!

    Directions for lifesaver pacifiers:

    1. 1
      Unwrap all the Lifesavers.
    2. 2
      Take one Lifesaver and apply a thin layer of frosting around the inner hole.
    3. 3
      Grab a jellybean and place one of the short, ROUND ends in it, so the length of the jellybean is coming out of the hole.
    4. 4
      Flip the Lifesaver over.
    5. 5
      On the other side, take the frosting and make a slightly thicker (yet still on the thin side) layer of frosting around the inner hole/center, and place another Lifesaver perpendicular attaching edge of 2nd Lifesaver to center of 1st Lifesaver with jellybean attached to it.
    6. 6
      Place on flat surface and allow to dry.
    7. 7
      After drying for 3-4 hours, thread ribbon through the hole of the 2nd Lifesaver and tie in a knot.

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