Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween - Girl's Pumpkin Carving Party

This is always such a fun party! It was my second time to host this event and it lived up to my every expectation!

I invited a handful of mommies over for a few hours to get away from the demands of mommyhood and enjoy a few glasses of wine, carve a pumpkin, and strut their stuff on the Halloween Red Carpet!

Events for the evening included:

* A wine & cheese happy hour. A time for everyone to arrive and for mommies to mix and mingle.
* Pumpkin carve - out back
* Red Carpet Halloween fashion show. Where the girls strutted the craziest Halloween socks they could find to the tune of, "I'm too Sexy!" Winner took home a spa pedicure!
* A spook-alicious dinner. Menu items included, "Ghoooouuull-icious Goulash", "Eyeball Salad", French bread, "Eat 'Em up Ghosts" and "Owl-een Treats"
* Lighting of the pumpkins! This is my favorite! This is where our pumpkins come to life! All lights are dimmed and we all sit back and stare and talk about our creations. Who's is best and who's is worst!!

Evite invitation read:


Please join me for a girl's night out to drink wine and carve pumpkins!!
Please bring 1 bottle of wine to share and 1 pumpkin to carve
AND wear the craziest halloween socks you can find!
I will provide a spook-alicious meal!!

[fyi: I choose evite because I wanted the party to be comfy casual with no pressure to come.
I feel like evite is a great way to invite guests to any small gathering (like girls night out, game night, watch party) or an extra large gathering (like a byob backyard bash, meet at a bar, etc)
Something intimate and important (like a shower, birthday party, wedding, anniversary party) usually requires an invitation sent through the mail. The more formal the event the more formal the invitation should be. ]


Lantern & Ribbon Chandelier

Materials Used:
Paper Lanterns, Curling Ribbon, Fabric Ribbon
Purchased at Michael's Craft Store

Hang the lanterns using the curling ribbon
Add additional curling ribbon and curl once tied on chandelier
Add fabric ribbon (tied in bow) to top off

Materials Used:
1 bag of small pumpkins, from Target
1 black feather boa, from Party Galaxy
Black Sharpie
White Spray Paint (or white pumpkins would do)
Multi-tiered platter

Drape the feather boa from the top tier down to the bottom tier
Decorate pumpkins using the black sharpie: polka dots (small/large), spider web, stripes, etc
Spray a couple pumpkins with white paint (if needed)
Arrange pumpkins in feather boa on platter to your liking

*I added confetti, handmade from a decorative punch with
white, orange & black scrapbook paper, around base of platter*



Alcohol (aka: Booz, aka: "Boos")
Materials Used for "Boos" Sign:
Black & White Cardstock
Letter Stencils
Orange Sharpie
Paper Clips (or Binder Clips)
Hot Glue Gun
Black Curling Ribbon (or String)
Hanging Material of Your Choice

Fold black cardstock to look like lanterns
Cut circles (I used circle cutter from Creative Memories)
Use letter stencils and orange Sharpie to spell out "B" "O" "O" "S" on white circles
Hot glue white circles on black folded cardstock
Paper clip lanterns on curling ribbon
Hang behind your alcohol serving station

Personalized Drink Tags
Materials Used for Personalized Drink Tags:
Black Cardstock
Decorative Punch (circle, about 1.5 inch)
Regular Hole Punch
Letter/Monogram Stickers (small)
Orange Ribbon (small width)
Plastic Spiders
Hot Glue Gun
Wine Glass

Punch 1.5" circles to create the tag (mine had perforated edges)
Hole punch at the top of the tag for the ribbon to feed through
Stick on first letter of each guests name in center, (i.e. "J" for Jennifer)
Hot glue plastic spider on top but not completely over sticker
Tie on the tag to the wine glass with orange ribbon & make bow
Arrange on platter to your liking
**Make sure to let your guests know when they arrive that they have a special monogrammed tag just for them. This is a great way to keep everyone's wine glass straight, especially when everyone is drinking the same color drink in the same looking glass! If there are two or more guests with the same initial, make sure the monograms are slightly different from one another. My stickers came with 3 options for the same letter!!!


Eyeball Salad

Sweet Treats:

Owl-een Treats

Eat 'Em Up Ghosts

Carmel Popcorn

Pumpkin Carve:

Halloween Red Carpet:


  1. You are so cute! This is such an adorable idea!! Who won? And what did the glowing pumpkins look like?

  2. I so wished we lived closer - how fun!!!

  3. Okay, I'm officially obsessed with your party skills. :) Absolutely LOVE all the pictures of your "ghouls" night!