Monday, December 20, 2010

Star Wars!

My dear friend, Katy, threw a super fun 


themed birthday party for her son's 6th birthday!

It was so clever, I just had to share the party details with you!

This party is sure to make any 6 year old Star Wars fan...well,


Katy custom made and printed these invitations! 
*So creative!*


Loving the names: Wookie Cookies, Vader Water, Jabba Juice and Yoda Soda! (Ha!)


 As Cooper's party guests arrived, they all crafted their very own R2D2s. 


Cooper's party guests all received Jedi robes hand made by Katy.
For the Jedi Robe pattern Katy used, click here
Katy simply purchased fleece material for the robes
as it is very forgiving so hemming is not necessary!

Training consisted of 4 challenges. 
Each party guest had to participate and complete each challenge
to officially become a "JEDI" Knight or Princess!

Challenge #1:
Pin the Light Saber on Yoda!

Challenge #2:
Who is Darth Vader?

 Party guests had to close their eyes while one of the guests
was put in a Darth Vader robe & mask. Guests were then asked to open their
eyes and work together to figure out who was under the mask! 

The kids LOVED this and the game was played over a few times for fun!

Challenge #3:
Light Saber Training!

Party guests had to learn to poke a floating 
balloon with a straw! Challenging...yet fun!

Challenge #4:
Destroy Darth Vader!

 Party guests had to take a crack at destroying Darth Vader
...Darth Vader, the Pinata that is!

Cake Time:

After a hard day at Jedi Knight and Princess training,
the Birthday Boy was able to share his very own
birthday cake with his party guests!
**Look how happy he is!**
(Cake how to below)

Giveaways/Thank You's:

Party guests were sent home with Star Wars Pez dispensers!

What a fun and creative
birthday party for a 6 year old!

Happy Birthday Sweet Cooper,
We LOVE you!!!

Light Saber Cake
Bake a cake in a 9X13 cake pan. 
Once cooked, cut into 3 strips length wise. 
Then cover a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil.
 Place the strips together to make one long strip. 
Shape long strip into the shape of a light saber. 
Ice with a combination of whipped icing and Wilton's concentrated frosting colors.  
Finally, cut marshmallows to make accents on the handle.

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