Monday, October 8, 2012

Society Shirts!

Hi Blogger Friends!

I wanted to share with you a new little project that I am working on! I hope you like it and will help me spread the word! I can not wait to see how it GROWS over the next 12 months!

It all began...

Part 1:
I was searching for a non-scary and non-busy Halloween shirt for my boys. I wanted something simple on a black shirt but could not find exactly what I was searching for in the department stores. I turned to Etsy but did not find anything there that fit my vision either. I decided to take this shirt idea into my own creative hands! I created 3 simple orange circles on my computer and personalized them with my boys' names. I then purchased 3 solid Circo black shirts from Target (for $4 ea.) and a pack of Up&Up dark transfer paper. After 10 minutes, I had that perfect Halloween shirt I was looking for!! Yay!

I loved how the shirts turned out and suprisingly, so did my husband! They were so simple to make that I could not wait to make more!

Part 2:
I was driving my boys to pre-school one morning, shortly after their BIG TO-DO 4th birthday party, and started to think about the little ones who do not get birthday celebrations thrown in their honor. I felt a deep calling to share my hobby with kids who might be in a situation where there is not an opportunity for a celebration. When I returned home, I threw out my idea to a friend, who immediatly connected me with Angels, a foster family Network in OKC. From there, I was connected with the OKC Emergency Shelter. It just so happens that some kids are unfortunatly in the shelter over their birthday. I could not imagine being taken from my home (usually for a not-so great reason) and be in a shelter with no friends or family over my birthday. The one special day we celebrate the miracle of our birth.

Part 3:
It was a Thursday when I giddily asked if I could bring birthday supplies to the shelter on days children were celebrating their birthday. I could keep it simple with themed plates, napkins, confetti and a few candles -- just something to make them feel special and recognized. 

**They agreed and our partnership started**

On Friday, my boys and I delivered a black bag filled with purple, pink and zebra print Sweet 13 goodies for a girl who would be celebrating her 13th birthday on Saturday! I was told she was happy that someone was asking about her birthday wishes and then beemed during her birthday dinner! It made me feel so wonderful knowing that I could share something so simple! I hope to continue sharing this birthday gift every chance I get! :)

Part 4:

I launched Society Shirts on Etsy! For $3 you can buy an image to use at home on your own shirt! The $3 will be go to purchasing birthday in a bag supplies for children in the OKC emergency shelter. 

Here are a few pictures of the shirts that I have currently made for my boys! (I hope to update the blog with better pictures and as I make more shirts.)

** *** ** *** **
I also made these shirts for our
Day Out with Thomas!

Red for James

Green for Percy

Blue for Thomas

Halloween Shirts
(more pics to follow)

Chirstmas Idea!!

Favorite Football Team Idea!!

Birthday Party Shirt Idea!!

Please support my cause and purchase a shirt logo today!! 


**I can make a shirt for you for $15 on either a white or black long sleeve!! Just let me know!! (**


  1. That is such a wonderful idea!! So simple and yet so cute! Good for male or female! So excited about your new venture helping children that really need all the encouragement they can get. If you need help, I will be glad to lend a hand. Love you guys!!

  2. What a great idea! I shared this on my blogger facebook page.

    1. Thank you Bianca! Please share my Society Shirt link too! I just launched super cute Holiday Logos!!

  3. I am so, so excited about this idea. You are truly using one of your special talents to spread joy to those you've never met. Plus, what mom can resist buying a shirt for her little one's special day when it helps throw a birthday party for someone else? Genius!

  4. Awesome Jennifer! What a blessing you are to kids and an inspiration to me and others! May God bless you, your family, and your generous work for children!