Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Card Wreath!

O, what to do, what to do with all those 
Valentine cards your little ones bring home!

My dear friend, Olivia, has the perfect solution:

Valentine's Wreath!

It is simple to replicate.

Here is how:

Items Needed:
-Green wire wreath from craft store
-Wreath hanger from craft store
-Your Valentine cards!!
-Variety of ribbons
-Hole punch
-Extra Valentine colored craft paper (in case you need filler)

How To:
-Hole punch your Valentine Cards in the upper left corner or top center
-Cut ribbon into 4 to 6 inch strips using your scissors
-Tie the Cards around the entire wreath using your ribbon strips
-Add extra craft paper and ribbon where you see holes (get creative, cut out hearts or cicles, etc!) 
-Hang in your home!


(Use this idea at Christmas too!)

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