Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet & Simple: A Diaper Shower for 3!

I have this most amazing group of mommy friends and
I get the honor to spend EVERY FRIDAY with them too! 

They are my Play Group Besties, aka, lifesavers!

All of our little ones are within 4 months of each other.
There are 7 mommies and 8 toddlers (I have the twins).

We have been together for over a year now 
and always have the best times together! 
Our little ones are even becoming the best of buddies!

These mommies always know how to lift you up!
They always have your back!
They always make you feel sane!
They never judge!
They always go with the flow!
They are willing to help you in time of need!
They are always willing to meet!
It works...It's easy...It's simply, PERFECT!

As of December, there were 3 out of 7 of us expecting!!

Left to Right:
Me, Expecting a boy on February 16th
Shayna, Expecting a girl on May 3rd
Erin, Expecting a boy on February 1st

The remaining four mommies decided they just had to throw a 
celebratory dinner and diaper shower
 to honor these new little play group pals!

So a sweet and simple dinner party was planned and the invitation was sent:

Invitations through Punchbowl.

The girls choose a quaint little eatery in downtown Edmond, OK,

It was the perfect spot to have an intimate dinner party for 7!
We all gathered in the upstairs private dining room where the girls
had a table set up with three personal diaper cakes along with a personalized
menu of meals we would each be receiving once the little ones arrived!

The three of us felt very special and it was the perfect way to 
celebrate our upcoming arrivals! 

The girls treated us to an amazing meal!

When it was time for dessert, they brought out a display of petit-fours!

There were three types of petit-fours topped with chocolate ganache,
one for each bundle of joy!

Vanilla: Decorated with a blue elephant, for my baby boy to-be
Stawberry: Decorated with a pink heart, for Shayna's baby girl to-be
Chocolate: Decorated with a yellow giraffe, for Erin's baby boy to-be

It was a wonderful evening filled with lots of laughter, good food and great fellowship!

Sweet,simple and as always, 

God has blessed me with many blessings thus far, 
and these girls are one of them!

Erin delivered her second son, Griffin, on December 27th!
He was born early (34wks) but Mommy and baby, Daddy and Big brother are doing great!

I am NEXT!

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  1. Those ladies are awesome! How lovely. And I love that they promise to prepare meals for you, too. What a wonderful group of friends.