Thursday, January 20, 2011

Griffin's Rockin 1st Birthday!

What a cute birthday party my friends
Mandi & Doug
threw for their son, Griffin's,
1st Birthday!

For parents who have played 
to their sweet son from the start,
this theme was the PERFECT one!

Meet the 
Birthday Boy!
So sweet!

And his 
Rockin Cute Family!
Even sweeter!

Welcome to Griffin's Rockin First Birthday!

Guests were greeted with a personalized door sign
from Design Girl on Etsy!

The Set-Up
Mandi custom made a "Happy Birthday" banner using black, white & blue
craft paper, ribbon and letters from Michael's craft store!

The display table featured pictures of Griffin throughout his first year,
a cupcake tower with custom toppers & wrappers, a jar of blue & black
ornaments, blue swirly pops, blue, black & white candies, a painted "G"
monogram and the ticket invitation to the party displayed on a guitar stand!

Custom cupcake toppers from Design Girl on Etsy!

Mandi purchased blue swirly pops from Candy Warehouse and tied white &
black checked ribbon on the stem and displayed in wrapped boxes!

Each guest received a box stuffed with a guitar ornament (being December)
from Hobby Lobby. Red Guitars for boys and pink for the girls! 

Each little party guest also received a black beanie to rock
during the party! Mandi purchased the beanie's online at
Halo Heaven and ironed on white stars from Hobby Lobby.

The Cake!
What a cool first birthday cake from Handson Cakes!
I loved the musical notes around the sides!

Griffin wore a custom blue bib with black guitar applique by Jennifer Greer.

And....he likes it!

Such a PROUD moment for Mommy & Daddy!
They all made it!

Mandi found these great bare wood frames from Michael's
for the kids to decorate with glitter & glue!

The frames were a big hit!

Rockers don't wear party hats...
they wear BEANIES!

Rockin the beanies!

The birthday boy rocked his personalized beanie
(Halo Heaven), guitar t-shirt & jeans (Nordstom)!!

All n' All,
Griffin had the BEST first birthday any
rocker dude could ask for!

Peace out ya'll...this birthday boy has places to go!



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