Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sesame Street Second Birthday!

Jake and Jack's 
birthday buddy,


also turned 2 this year!
His Mommy and Daddy 
(our dear friends) threw him an o-so cute 

Sesame Street Party!

Max's Sesame Street party was "sponsored" 
by the letter M 
and the number 2!

There are so many cute & creative details I just had to share with you!

Meet Max!
Guests were asked to wear their favorite Sesame Street character colors.
Since Max's favorite character is 
he was sure to wear all RED and his favorite Elmo kicks! 

His grandparents wore blue for 
"Cookie Monster"

His Mommy wore pink for
and Daddy wore green for

Max had his very own birthday cake and guests had
2 choices of cupcakes,
Choice #1: Chocolate
Choice #2: Vanilla
The cupcakes were frosted and topped off with
corresponding Sesame Street characters & colors!

There were 2 choices of snacks!
Choice #1: Grapes
Choice #2: Cheese
(Max's favorites, along with a bowl full of 
Goldfish in honor of Elmo's bestie, Dorothy!)

There were 2 choices of sandwiches!
Choice #1: PB&J on White
Choice #2: PB&J on Wheat

How many Dorothies are in the goldfish bowl?

Find a duck with an
M or 2 underneath
and a lollipop was your prize!

Make your own monster craft!
The kids--old and young--made monsters. 
Brandi used old Gerber snack cans and covered them in felt for the monstor bodies. 
Her friend provided fibers (dyed with Kool-Aid ) *Shop Fibers* for the monster fur
and Brandi provided glue sticks, pom pom balls, die cuts and pipe cleaners!

Brandi decorated with streamers, balloons, flowers and Sesame Street
characters inside

Large M and 2 poster boards, streamers and lanterns outside!
Everyone had a blast at Max's party!

Guests were sent home with all kinds of Sesame Street goodies!
Sesame Street reading books, coloring books, make your own monster sticker set
bracelets and candy!

All N' All:

A sleeping toddler means only one thing....
this party was a SUCCESS!

What a fun and creative Sesame Street Party!
Abby & Grouch did a 
fabulous job!
(Elmo and company would be proud!)

Happy Birthday
Birthday Buddy, Max!

We LOVE you!

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  1. Awesome blog! Thanks for the advertising! I am the friend with the fiber - HeavenSentFoodandFiber.com. Brandi did a wonderful job on the party, I am sorry I missed it.