Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Father's Day Treat!

I found these awesome cupcakes and cookies on Glorious Treats and had to share! They are so adorable and look absolutely scrumptious! I will be putting my baking skills to the test tomorrow and trying these out for my special hubby on Father's Day!

They were just too cute I had to share with you!
I hope you can enjoy them too!

Hamburger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries
my short cut  (mom of twins) version of the recipe from Glorious Treats

Chocolate Cake Mix + needed ingredients
Vanilla Cake Mix + needed ingredients
Sugar Cookie Dough pre-made
ButterCream Icing
Yellow, Red, Orange & Green Food Coloring
Orange Juice
Sesame Seeds
Granulated Sugar
Sandwich Picks
Cupcake Pan
Cookie Sheet
Non-stick spray

Directions for the Hamburger Cupcakes:
Bake a batch of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.
(Make sure to not use baking cups)
Once cooled, cut the vanilla cupcakes in half making the "buns"
Cut the chocolate cupcakes in 3rds for 4ths for the "meat"
Toss Coconut in green food coloring for "lettuce"
Color icing with red for "tomato"
Color icing with yellow & orange for "mustard"

Layering your Hamburger:
Bottom 1/2 of your "bun" goes down first
Squirt a little "mustard" on top of the "bun"
Now comes the "meat"
Then the "tomato"
Then the "lettuce"
Top 1/2 of your "bun" goes on top
Put a touch of OJ on the top bun and sprinkle on some sesame seeds
Finally stick a food pick in and 
serve this sweetest burger to your sweetest hubby!


Directions for the Sugar Cookie Fries:

Make a batch of sugar cookie dough
Roll out the dough as directed
Cut the dough into strips using a pizza cutter or knife
Freeze for about 5-10 min before baking
Bake as directed
Let cool slightly on the baking sheet
Dust with sugar
Serve with your cupcake hamburger!

My husband is sure to love this!
Thanks for the Recipe Glory looking forward to trying it out!


  1. Glad you enjoyed my post! =) I hope they work out for you, I always get lots of smiles and rave review with them.
    Two tiny notes- I'd recommend coating the cookie "fries" in white granulated sugar, not powedered sugar (powdered sugar would taste yummy, but the granulated sugar will give you the closest look to salt.
    Also, my name is Glory.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I stumbled across your blog and love it!! I made the same dessert for Fathers Day!!

    Check out my blog: