Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom's BIG 6-0!

On Saturday, April 10th, 2 days before my mom's 
BIG 6-0
we surprised her with a birthday lunch at her favorite eatery, 
Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant!

The Party Details

Occasion: Mom's Big 6-0!
Theme: 60's Hippy Chic 
Colors: Teal, Lime Green, Hot Pink and Orange
Location: Mom's Favorite Lunch Spot
Party: Surprise Lunch with friends and family
 (Mom just thought she was meeting a few of us!)

Party Decor:

The Set-Up:


Party Pics:



A 60th birthday is a wonderful occasion! You have crossed several milestones, but life keeps looking for more challenges. Enjoy the bliss of sixty; enjoy the fruits of your labor. Surround yourself with your children & grandchildren and tell them the tales of yesteryears. Enjoy your friendships new and old. Relive the magical moments of life even while you look forward to the new experiences. And remember..


Happy 60th Birthday Mom/Grannie Franny!
We love you!


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  1. How cute to incorporate the tie-dye and owls. Soooo hippy chic.