Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jack and the Rafff..

Sometimes it is the little things that bring joy to our BIG mommy hearts! 

For instance, the boys are really into animals and the sounds they make right now. Johnny bought them an animal book a few weeks ago and it has been the highlight of their day the last few weeks! Every day (hour), we go through the now torn book and point out all the animals and their sounds. If you fail to ask what sound that particular animal makes, Jack will be sure to prompt you with his toddler jibberish, "tis tis tis saaayyy." When I hear the "say" part, I am reminded that is my que for, "What does the bear say"..or whatever animal we are on.  (I am loving the elephant at the moment because I have taught them to move their arm like the trunk and say, "whah"! hee hee...)

But what I really love is Jack's pronunciation of the word Giraffe!  He pronounces it as "Raff" and with much excitement too! The way his little mouth moves as he speaks it makes me smile every time! :) I know I will miss it deeply when it fades into the correct pronunciation.  The other day, we were at the zoo and I was so excited to go see the new giraffe exhibit because it was sure to be a big hit with Jack! Plus, I couldn't wait to hear him say, "Raff, Raff!!"  This was a mommy moment when I stopped and realized, this is it! This is one of those small moments that mean so much and to stop and enjoy it and not take motherhood for granted! Who would of thought...a giraffe would remind me of this!  So with that, here is a picture of him saying, "Raff" at the OKC Zoo as we watched on as it ate it's branch! 

I heart this!

Jack and the Raff...

Jack and his play group buddies wandering why we turned them the wrong way! (And then the giraffe turned the wrong way too!) So much for that idea mommies!

It's the little things that can 
bring mothers so much joy!!!

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