Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For a Good Cause...

In season, Monday nights are 'Bachelor Night' at my house!! However, on Monday, March 1st, 2010 it was no ordinary Bachelor viewing night; it was a full-out, all-out Bachelor Watch Party in honor of the finale AND to raise money (and awareness) for the American Heart Association! Girls gathered at my home for an evening of dinner, desserts and a special viewing of the 14th season's Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, pick his future bride, Vienna "Spice" or Tenley "Sugar"!

My usual TV 'alone time' with the Bachelor, includes me snuggling up in my leopard Snuggie with some form on sweet indulgence and my remote in hand. Yes, my hubby approves! My twins usually do not hit the hay until 7:30, so I unfortunately never make it in time for kick-off, but fortunately for DVR (TiVO) I can record and start the show at my own pace! I prefer the boys to be down before I officially hit 'play' because I need full attention on conversations the Bachelor is having with his plethora of dates so that I can form my own opinions on who he should pick! After watching this season, my opinion always stayed the same. I, unlike everyone in America, actually liked Vienna. Okay, so I did not like her per say, but I thought that her and Jake had a spark. Yes, I people are hissing at me! But, it is true. Factual. I know...after watching this show for many many many years, I have developed a Bachelor "expertise" in picking up on who is in and who needs to go! ALSO, I am not fond on girl's ganging up on other girl's. There is nothing worse then silly cliques!  Oh, the drama of sorority life....I wish to never revisit the life of clique-ity-clique-clique-cliques! The undercover cocktail hours, maybe so! Anyways, I digress. Did I mention that I have watched the Bachelor since it premiered way back when. Yes, I remember watching the VERY first bachelor in my apartment before I was married. I believe it was the same year Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol and we were all wandering how the Osborne's got a reality show, and why was it so good!!! Anyhoo, I am digressing again and was on to that 'America's Sweetheart, Ali'!.  I was probably the only one in America that was glad she left. Anyways, back to what is MOST important, the party details! 

Guest could wear Red in honor of American Heart Association and/or their wedding veil in honor of Jake picking his bride! When they arrived into my 'Chateau Bachelur'  they were asked to pick a team to cheer for. "Team Spice" for Vienna or "Team Sugar" for Tenley! They were also asked to make a small donation to the American Heart Association, a charity mending hearts not breaking them! :) I am honored to say, we raised $400 for the cause! Now, that is a successful night. Okay... drum roll.

The Party Details!

The Dessert Table

The amazing cake!

Roses and votives were everywhere!



Red drinks and heart twisty straws!

Red wine and wine tags to match!


Red napkins and napkin rings to match

The fun begins..

Team Signs

Mini Wedding Cakes and Chocolate Engagement Rings
(who will the top wedding cake honor go to? We'll have to watch and see!)

The Bachelor Deliberation Table
(in case you need to take a second look at who's team you want to be on)

Okay, the girls have made up their minds! 
They have their team signs and are ready to get the show on the road!


Jake asks Vienna "Spice" to marry him!

And lastly, time for my very own rose ceremony!
For those who donated to The American Heart Association, a rose was given with their tax deductible form!

Did I mention these girls raised $400!?!?

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  1. Jen, you rock. I love that you combined a fun party with a great charity.