Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's that smell.......CRUNCH!

and, that is exactly how it went....

Earlier today...

It is a Wednesday. Hump Day. Today the weather was fabulous. Not that arctic wind, freeze your butt off cold but doable, pleasant cold and *sunny*!

Today is December 16th, my Dad's birthday. Also, two of my good friends just delivered their new baby boys! John Cameron, this past Monday morning, and Stanton Sloan, this morning in the wee hours!

My boys and I were actually having a good day. I got the task of personal shopping for my friends 3 year old daughter. I was to hit the mall and scope out some cute Christmas wear. Perfect. I love that. The boys and I were also going to hit a Gymboree class. Perfect. They love that.

- We made it to Gymboree. Check.
- We made it to the mall just in time for their afternoon nap. Greatness. Check. Check.

Shopping with two sleeping babies = pleasant experience. See, I told you, we were having a great day!

I was able to take my time, in pure bliss, in the children's section at Macy's. While I was eyeing the different patterned footed PJ's on super sale (60% off!!) and deciding which ones would look great together and then which one would be Jack's and which one would be Jake's, I got a phone call from my husband. To top off my "already going so great" day, he had found 2 tickets to the Thunder/Mavericks game tonight! If I could secure a babysitter, we could go. A night out with no kids. A date. Something we used to do in our DINK (double income no kids) days!! I loved the Mavs and now I love the OKC Thunder! This was something I had been wanting to do since the schedule came out! Perfect. Awesome. As I looked down at my two sleeping beauties (confirmed by onlookers who were whispering to each other, "look at those darling twins" hee hee) they were still content in their jumbo, red, made for two stroller and I was content just browsing and enjoying my, did I mention, great day!

So now, babysitter was secured. Check. Check. Check.

Date night awaits and all I have to do is get home, clean the common areas, get the boys fed, bathed, PJ'd and sippy cups out for tonight. Then I will need to work on me. Brush the teeth, deodorize, spritz, straighten the hair, (who am I kidding, pony tail will do) make-up, dress....

I had about 3 hrs. It would be a stretch but I felt confident I could do it!

Sooo, I took a few shortcuts. The boys got bathed in the kitchen sink. (aka: wiped down with wet paper towels, then dried off with some dry paper towels. I used about 1/2 a roll. Mostly due to the never ending snot that kept coming and coming! Gheesh.)

The babysitter came. I had about 5 minutes to get dressed and my face on. Johnny calls letting me know I need to hurry up. It is 6 o'clock and the game is at 7. Okay okay....rushing! I got this. I am super mom!

Grab our coats, give our sweet babysitter the run down, tell my darling boys good bye, grab a red bull...and I am off! A perfect ending to a perfect day. (A little hectic towards the end, but at this point I am almost out of the house and on my way to a great night out with the hubby.)

I get in the car. There is a HORRENDOUS smell. I mean, did I leave a hamburger in here. Did a mouse somehow jump in to eat the goldfish left on the floor mats and DIE? Did milk spill yesterday and tonight the smell has joined us? What in the world is this SMELL???!!!




Oh, the babysitter's car. The cute little white Mercedes SUV....CRUNCHED by my stinky-ass red dump truck!

Surely I didn't. I DID!

Surely it didn't leave a ... IT DID!


Okay, so on my way to the game. Back windows rolled down. Front heater on high. Drinking my Red Bull, airing out the skunk of a smell. Head held low. On my phone, getting my lecture about looking, paying attention, finances, etc etc.

I am happy that he (or she) didn't hold a grudge. The game was still a great date night. We were able to let loose and enjoy the atmosphere, the game day BBQ, the basketball and each other! So, it didn't turn out too too horrible!

The Thunder didn't win. They did their normal, ahead by 1 or 2 points until the 4th quarter and then they just let their opponents (tonight, Dirk) drive all over them. All in all, it still was a great day and night; minus that darn smell and minus my poor sweet baby sitters car. :(

The end. Goodnight!

Oh, PS: A great joke told to my husband by a funny friend.

How are Santa Claus and Tiger Woods different?

Santa Claus stops at 3 Ho's. Ho Ho Ho!!

Ha ha.. I liked that one! :)

Okay, goodnight. My new Private Quarters pillow awaits!


  1. In order to type I had to remove my hand from my was still there after my head thunk following the crunch. What a day!

  2. LOVE this post! Although some bad things happened, overall, you have agreat story and memories!